Irrigation Master Planning:

ACI provides irrigation master planning services as a planning tool in the early stages of site development. Irrigation master planning provides a guide for the installation of irrigation infrastructure, such as water meters, roadway sleeving, and control systems.

ACI evaluates proposed landscape plans and in combination with local evabotransporation rates (ET), plant types, landscape area square footages and irrigation efficiencies, develops estimated irrigation water use projections. These projections determine required peak period flow rates and total annual water requirements. This data is used to evaluate potential water sources and determine water point of connection locations and sizes. A "Water Source Master Plan" drawing is then prepared using this data to graphically delineate irrigation points of connection and the landscape area served by those connections.

In addition to the Water Sources Master Plan, a "Roadway Sleeving Plan" is developed indicating all required roadway sleeve crossing points and the sizes of the required sleeving to accommodate future irrigation piping, wiring and communication cabling.

A "Control System Master Plan" is also created delineating the locations of proposed irrigation controllers and area served by individual controllers. Other related equipment if system is centrally controlled will is also shown.

All the above Master Plan information is coordinated with the project civil and electrical engineers for inclusion into their planning and construction documents.

Irrigation Construction Drawings:

ACI provides Irrigation construction drawings prepared in AutoCAD format. Irrigation construction plans are prepared with landscape and site factors in mind. These included consideration of plant type, growing characteristics, exposure, topography, maintenance requirements, soil type and irrigation installation method.

Irrigation construction details are prepared for appropriate components as necessary to communicate intent of design and identify basic components of installed irrigation equipment assemblies.

Technical irrigation specifications are prepared including detailed material requirements, installation procedures, required testing, walk-through and final acceptance criteria, and general irrigation conditions, utilizing C.I.T. standard specification format.

Drawings are prepared to conform to the governing agencies requirements, with all review comments addressed promptly and accurately.

Irrigation Construction Observation

ACI provides Irrigation construction observation during the installation of the irrigation system. Conformance to the irrigation plans, details and specification are observed and any deviations are noted in detailed reports provided to the project owner and/or prime consultant.

Irrigation Guidelines, Standard Specifications and Standard Details

ACI provides Irrigation Standard Guidelines, Specifications and Details for Community Developments and Governmental Agencies.

Standard Guidelines describe the intended direction of irrigation design for a project or community. Irrigation methods and materials are generally described, with any unique irrigation situations delineated graphically.

Standard Specifications and Details establish conformance criteria by which to measure irrigation design, water conservation goals and installations against. The specifications describe the irrigation materials and methods that are to be used in the installation of irrigation systems. The Details provide a graphical representation of the acceptable installation of irrigation assemblies and the required components of each assembly.

Irrigation Central Control System Evaluation

Irrigation Central Control systems are powerful water management tool for large sites. They are, however, often complex to install, set-up and manage and represent a significant initial expense.

ACI aids in the selection process by pre-selecting Central Control Systems most suited for a particular project. We then evaluate the strengths and weakness of those potential systems for the client, taking into account the level of system control desired, the familiarity of central control to existing or potential maintenance personnel, the features of the system and the material, installation and support costs.

Existing Irrigation System Evaluations and Recommendations

ACI provides water use evaluations to homeowner associations looking for ways to reduce their consumption of water and related costs. Evaluations include a water use projection based on the existing landscape and irrigation methods to establish a baseline of potential water use using good management practices. This projection is then compared to actual historic usage derived from past water agency billings, to determine what potential for savings exist.

If desired, recommendations for additional water saving methods, materials and techniques will be developed, creating a roadmap of future irrigation system modifications. These modifications are prioritized from those with the highest potential water savings to those with the least.